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“Anything Worth Holding Unto” Sings Allan Scott’s Gratitude to Jesus for Saving Him Even in Jail

Life may bring anxiety and depression that we can’t handle at times. Emotions that we choose to hide that others may not see. These are the reason why people commit suicide. Depression was supposed to be shared with people who are close to us or a member of the family that can give us smart advice. We cannot change the fact that not everything we hoped to be is the person we become. But a life with Christ at the center is a perfect life, more than we ever wanted.

Allan Scott is a songwriter and a worship leader with a mission of one song, one service, one concert at a time. That mission is to spread the message that he has been cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ and is forever grateful for the gift of Life. Allan has discovered an affinity for music at a very young age and has a lot of accomplishments through writing songs.

Allan Scott has experienced too much anxiety and depression in life where he felt alone and nowhere to go. He was a former drug addict, dropout, a thief and a loser before he was redeemed and made the best out of his career. He found his hope in jail where Jesus put back the pieces of his broken heart. Sixteen years later, this redeemed singer shared his experience and tells everyone about how Jesus mend his heart and fixed his life through worship songs and attending conferences.

Out of all the hardships that Allan went through, he wrote a song “Anything Worth Holding Unto” where Matt Bloyd and Chrissy Metz recently released a soulful version. Listen to the music below and let God work in your life in His own perfect way!

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