MissionAsbury Revival Shifts Locations for Public Services after 20000+ Attended Sunday Service

Asbury Revival Shifts Locations for Public Services after 20000+ Attended Sunday Service

Asbury University’s revival services have attracted an overwhelming amount of attendees, leading the school to hold its final public evening service on Sunday with an estimated 15,000 to 20,000+ people present.

The services began after a chapel service on Feb. 8, and have grown to fill the university’s auditorium, spilling out into other parts of the community. The movement shows no signs of stopping, with tens of thousands of people descending upon the small town of Wilmore, where Asbury University is located, from around the world.

As the town of 6,000 people strains to accommodate the massive numbers pouring in, the school is working with the mayor of Wilmore to address logistical issues.

Credit: Nick Hall

In a statement, Asbury University announced that public services would be moved off-campus to another location in the central Kentucky area, starting on Tuesday, Feb. 21. The campus president emphasized that the town’s institutions and infrastructure are currently unable to absorb the influx of visitors.

Credit: Feb.20 Monday was the first night without the public at the Asbury revival. The chapel was full of 25 yrs old and under. Altars were full all night. / Brent Williamson

The university will still host evening services for college-age and high school students (25 and under) through Thursday, Feb. 23. Asbury’s community, visiting students, and other campus guests from across the world have been invited to participate in “neighbor-serving, God-honoring work” as the revival continues.

Credit: Eliza Crawford a student at Asbury is doing an art project of all the visitors who came to Asbury these past two weeks to encounter Jesus./ Fawn Parish

The school is currently searching for one or more locations to continue public services as people continue to pour into Wilmore to take part in the revival. Interested parties can find more information about the scheduling of events on the Asbury University website.

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