Atheist Dove Into Bible to Debunk His Christian Dad’s Faith – He Uncovered Something Else Entirely

We may not realize it but, God has His ways of bringing us back to His arms.

Scott, a Canadian atheist, has a goal of debunking his father’s faith in Jesus. He is willing to do everything to prove that his father’s Christian belief is wrong. To be able to do this, his first act is to read the Bible. He decided to download the YouVersion Bible app so he could read the Bible.

But something magnificent happened. Scott unknowingly finds himself getting hooked on what he is reading as he got deeper into it. Suddenly, he became a believer.

YouVersion creator Bobby Gruenewald said that God used Scott’s intention of reading the Bible to ironically disprove his father’s religion. And in a major turn of events, reading the Bible led Scott to have a relationship with Jesus. Scott began to see the voice of God in the scriptures.

Listen to Gruenewald discuss the creation of YouVersion and Scott’s story:

Gruenewald is happy to say that more than 500 million people downloaded the Bible app. He added that they are blessed to be a part of something that God has done that they could not do by themselves.

He explained his side regarding the claim that biblical faith is dying.

But Gruenewald, he is seeing the opposite. There is a radical growth and interest in the Scriptures. According to data, people reading the Bible go as high as 21% in 2021 compared to last year and 56% compared to 2019.

“The Bible’s alive. We see people turning to his word in huge numbers,” Gruenewald said, specifically noting the increase that YouVersion has not seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “People were turning to the Bible during this time of uncertainty.”

Gruenewald thinks that the majority of people are focusing on the negative. He doesn’t believe that people are not reading the Bible anymore.

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