Bakery Truck Driver Goes Viral after Handing out 500 Loaves of Bread to Motorists Stranded on I-95

Credit: Casey Holihan Noe / Facebook

This is an incredible thank you to Schmidt Baking Company for your humanity and compassion.

After almost 21 hours of being stuck on 95 South, sleeping here over night, not having access to food or water, and all of the nearest towns being out of power we were tired, frustrated, and hungry. Many of the people stuck out here had small children, were elderly, had pets in the car, and hadn’t eaten in almost a whole day.

Credit: Casey Holihan Noe / Facebook

We reached out to Schmidt Baking Company and begged them to open their truck that was stuck out here with us. We didn’t think it would actually work, but less then 20 minutes later we got an incredible suprise.

We received a personal call from the owner of the company Chuck who contacted the driver. This driver Ron Hill opened the back of the truck and with the help of some people close by passed out bread to more than 50 cars who were all incredibly thankful.

Credit: Casey Holihan Noe / Facebook

This was one of the kindest moments I have ever witnessed. Thank you Schmidt.

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