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Brave Strangers Risking Their Own Lives In Flood To Save The Family!

“When a lifeless infant is pulled out of a water-filled car – a group of strangers is forced to work against the clock.” These group of men proved that there are still kindhearted people who will be willing to risk their own lives for those who are in need.

Phillip and Emily Ocheltree together with their 2 kids were trying to escape a storm in Canton, Texas when their car was flipped upside down into the rushing water. The situation was so bad that it nearly took the life of this whole family, if not because of these group of strangers who bravely risked their own lives not even knowing who was trapped inside. They fought the rushing water just to help those who badly need it at the moment.

“I don’t want help for us, please help my kids. My kids are in the back seat.” Emily Ocheltree said.

They first pulled from the car four-month-old baby boy, Marshal, and a moment later, 18-month-old  Addyson who was still in her car seat. Both children were no longer breathing at the moment until these good Samaritans did CPR.

The cameraman, Tom Mitchel, and Jaime Martinez, a former firefighter in Guatemala, did CPR to the children. These people, at the moment, we’re calling in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for these children to breathe once again. And so it happens. Both children were brought back to life and now have fully recovered, so as their parents who are filled with so much gratitude for those group of strangers who saved their family.



These group of brave strangers only proves that there are still people who will not hesitate to help those who are in need even if it means risking their own life. Four precious lives are saved because of their bravery to fight against the rushing water and to race against time. These strangers from different walks of life only knew that this family, most especially these children, deserve to breathe and to see another day. And so, they didn’t just remain in where they are at the moment but they boldly took a stand to help those who badly needed it at the moment. Would you still do the same if you are in their shoes?

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