Casting Crowns Powerful Message Through New Song “One Awkward Moment”, Be Strong In The Lord!

Let your past challenges serve as a stepping stone for you to build a strong foundation of faith. Those bad memories are designed to make you remember that despite the storms you have encountered, God remains faithful to your life. God doesn’t give us problems without solutions. He may give us a tough one, but rest assured there is something that you need to discover first before you successfully overcome such trial.

Casting Crowns is now back with their new song “One Awkward Moment” that gives a very powerful message, which reminds everyone to stay strong in their faith and let God use their lives as an instrument so that people may know how good He is. Everyone has a unique calling and as long as you follow what Jesus tells you to do, you will be blessed and He will surely pour out His abundant blessings. God hears the cry of His lamb and every time we suffer and feel some heartaches, God knows and listens to it. God is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins as long as we repent and ask for forgiveness.

Stop dwelling in the past and let Jesus move your life as He can move the mountains. Let your experiences be made known to people and start telling them the testimony of your faith that they might also be moved by the grace of God. There are certain moments in life where we are drowned with sadness and disappointments. Call unto the Lord for He hears every single prayer that we have. Listen to this song as you reminisce your past and do not let the day pass without asking for forgiveness of your sins.

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