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Chris Rupp Inspires Everyone Through A Capella Singing “The Place Where Lost Things Go”

We have different choices when it comes to music genre depending on our mood. Music are the best remedy to a heart full of sadness and by listening to music, our minds are calmed down and we feel inspired through the message of the song that we listen to. There are certain music that gives us happiness because of the upbeat tone and relaxing rhythm. While on the other hand, there are also music that can rest our mind because of its soulful sound.

Chris Rupp is a talented singer and songwriter who is known to be a member of the Home Free musical group. Because of his great talent in music, he became famous and had a great solo career. Now he’s back with an outstanding a cappella performance singing “The Place Where The Lost Things Go”. The song is one of the soundtracks of a Disney movie Mary Poppins Return where Mary came back to help the Banks family. This is one of the most awaited movies of the year especially for kids who are avid fans of Disney movies. They love watching those magical movies matched with awesome musical pieces.

Chris Rupp is one of those talented singers who was blessed with an incredible gift in singing. This is something that he should be thankful to God for he is one of the chosen ones who is lucky enough to receive the gift of music. We may sometimes think that we do not have any talent at all but you’re definitely wrong! Seek within your heart and determine the things that you love to do and you’re happy doing. Nurture that gift and practice because time will come that you will find yourself mastering that certain gift. Use your talents in serving God’s ministry and you will surely be blessed with a lot more talents!

The Place Where The Lost Things Go – Mary Poppins Returns – Chris Rupp (Official Video)
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