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Chris Tomlin’s Rendition Of Andrew Peterson’s Song “Is He Worthy?” Tells Us How Powerful God Is

Music is a powerful form of worship and the angels of the Lord in heaven rejoices every time they hear a voice that sings praises to God. We have heard a lot of gospel songs that talk about God’s goodness and mercy in our lives. These songs continue to give us inspiration of hope and push us to build a strong foundation of faith in God. Singing songs of worship is a form of ministry where one can share the word of God through the lyrics of the song.

Chris Tomlin is an American music artist who is known to people especially to the believers who are fond of listening songs of worship. He started as a worship leader in their church and God has blessed him with the gift of writing songs to express and share how good God is in his life. He was originally from Grand Saline, Texas and this guy has been successful all throughout the music industry. People loved his music as it inspires many lives as they reflect on the message of his songs.

Now Chris is back with his own rendition of the song “Is He Worthy?” which was originally written and performed by Andrew Peterson. Andrew wrote the lyrics of the song after reading the scriptures in Revelation Chapter 5 as inspired by the Holy Spirit. The songs talk about God’s power and greatness. God is the King of mercy and power is endless. He is worthy of all praises. Serve Him with all your heart, mind and soul for you are one of His beautiful creation. Don’t forget to click play and listen to Chris Tomlin as he serenades everyone with his sweet singing voice.

Chris Tomlin – Is He Worthy? (Live)
Chris Tomlin – Official Live Video for “Is He Worthy?” (Live) Listen to or download the new 3-song EP here: Subscribe to Chris Tomlin’s YouTube Channel: Follow Chris Tomlin: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify:… Check out other videos: Chris Tomlin – Is He Worthy?

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