Christian Authors Pray For Their Daughter’s Healing After Successful Surgery To Remove Tumor

Christian authors Michael and Lauren McAfee received the best news after they prayed for their adopted daughter Zion’s surgery. The operation was a success and the couple owes it to God and for everyone who joined them in prayer.

In a Facebook post following Zion’s surgery, Lauren shared that the “surgery went so well and they got all the tumor out with comfortable margin.” She expressed her gratitude to the Almighty and for the “thousands and thousands praying” for their daughter. The tumor in her liver may have been removed but the couple is still counting on prayers for Zion’s continued healing.

“Her life continues to be a miracle. She will have a while of recovery so we are still in the midst of waiting for pathology, recovery and finding out of chemo is necessary. Please pray for her comfort and quick healing,” Lauren wrote.

In another update, Lauren shared that the doctors told them that Zion is not out of the woods yet so she would not close monitoring. But she and her husband Michael remain hopeful and continue to lift their daughter’s healing to God.

Lauren and Michael learned about the tumor in Zion’s liver in early November just weeks after they adopted her in mid-September. They were told by her doctor about the growth in one of the tests she went through. The family immediately rushed to the ER to be admitted for the surgery.

Despite the shock and scare that the couple experienced, they remain steadfast in their faith that God will not abandon Zion They continue to pray for her wellbeing and healing and ask everyone to do the same.

“I’m praying cancer is just another trial that God would use in her to bring him glory in her salvation and sanctification,” Michael, author, and director of community initiatives at Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., said in a tweet.

We pray for healing and recovery for Zion and for her family to remain faithful in God and his saving grace. We also pray for the physicians who are taking care of the little girl to also keep the faith.

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