NewsChristian NBA Player Launches New basketball sneakers with Bible Verses

Christian NBA Player Launches New basketball sneakers with Bible Verses

NBA athlete Jonathan Isaac, representing the Orlando Magic, unveiled the JUDAH 1 on November 16, marking the debut of the first NBA-level basketball shoe featuring a visible Bible verse. This groundbreaking footwear is the inaugural creation of UNITUS, a clothing brand founded by Isaac that officially launched in August 2023.

Credit: Jonathan Isaac / Facebook

In a phone interview with FOX Business, Isaac shared that the brand’s name, pronounced “unite us,” drew inspiration from his pastor. The genesis of UNITUS can be traced back to a pivotal moment when Isaac, previously signed with another sporting goods brand, faced a series of injuries in 2020. Seeking guidance, he approached his pastor, who suggested the seemingly unconventional idea of creating his own sneaker.

Initially dismissing the idea as “ridiculous,” Isaac eventually recognized the potential. The collaborative efforts with students from the University of Central Florida led to the creation of the JUDAH 1. Initially intended solely for personal use on the basketball court, Isaac realized the opportunity to establish a brand that allows individuals to express their values through clothing.

Credit: Jonathan Isaac / Facebook

Isaac expressed concern about the societal shift away from godly and constitutional values. This concern inspired the development of a sportswear and leisurewear brand that would embody and celebrate these principles. Isaac emphasized the importance of standing up for one’s values, acknowledging that not everyone may embrace the concept.

The JUDAH 1 distinguishes itself by prominently featuring a chapter and verse on the outside of the shoe—a unique attribute among NBA-caliber shoes. The visible scripture, located on the back of the shoe, is intended to serve as a bold declaration of faith. The shoe will be released in five different colorways, each accompanied by a distinct Bible verse chosen by Isaac.

Credit: Jonathan Isaac / Facebook

The inaugural “Triumph” edition, in blue and white, showcases 2 Corinthians 4:9: “persecuted but not abandoned, struck down, but not destroyed.” This verse holds personal significance for Isaac, who overcame career-threatening injuries to return to the NBA.

Isaac’s decision to stand during the national anthem in 2020, amid his teammates kneeling, and his refusal to wear a Black Lives Matter shirt garnered both criticism and support. He expressed that his faith and trust in God have sustained him through the challenges and controversies.

Credit: Jonathan Isaac / Facebook

Excited about providing basketball players nationwide with an opportunity to express their faith on the court, Isaac envisions expansive plans for UNITUS, including additional footwear and clothing lines. The goal is to become a comprehensive one-stop shop for everyday leisurewear and sportswear, with aspirations to sponsor universities and high schools by next summer.

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