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Christian Scholar Ravi Zacharias Answers Questions On Sexuality and Purpose of Life

Ravi Zacharias, the founder of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, shares his thoughts about the toughest questions of today concerning the Christian faith. These include questions about morality, one’s purpose, relationships, the sanctity of marriage, inner peace, and more.

Zacharias says the above questions are “unanswerable coherently from a naturalistic viewpoint” and when it comes to morality, “there is no explanation unless there is a transcending moral purpose.”

However, for the Christian scholar, the answer lies in God. For him, belief in God brings coherence to answers while “disbelief in God actually fails to even justify the questions.”

The 73-year-old author of several Christian books, including “Logic of God” and “The End of Reason,” reveals that the greatest question among Christian apologetics concerns the existence of evil, the problems that come with it, and the problem of pain and suffering. He says these are “toughest question and the most relevant question for an individual life.”

“…The reality of pain and suffering has been the whole challenge of the religious worldviews and actually second secular criticism,” Zacharias says in an interview with Fox News.

Zacharias also shares his observation on how questions about faith have evolved across the years. In the past, scholars and believers alike question the existence of God and challenge the very notion of God. But now he describes the questions have become “more existential” or realistic.

The questions relate to the everyday struggles of people, including thoughts of suicide and its relation to purpose or meaning of life and the question of sexuality. Zacharias describes “sexuality as a gift” that “has parameters.” He adds that sexuality can become a source of fulfillment but can also be broken if it’s not handled with responsibility.

In the same interview, Zacharias clarifies reports on the decline of Christianity. With the recent reports of Christian believers and leaders renouncing their faith, people can easily be misled to believe that Christianity is on a downhill. On the contrary, Zacharias says the evangelicals have grown in numbers and the churches that preach the Gospel continue to entice more and more worshippers.

The philosopher also wishes to impart a message for today’s generation of highly digitized communication to maintain a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Only through Him can Christians find the answers to their very questions.

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