Daughter’s Breathtaking Performance Blew Judges Away Making Her Mama Proud

Parents always love their children no matter what. They show indescribable and unfathomed love to them under whatever circumstances. In return, children always want their parents to be proud of them. They always wanted their mom and dad to be happy in exchange for all the sacrifices that they made. A child’s success is also his or her parent’s success. Nothing in this world is happier than a parent who sees their children having all the best in life.

Laura Kamhuber is blessed with a supernatural voice that everyone loved listening to. She participated in The Voice Kids Germany last 2013 and everyone was surprised by her spectacular gift in singing. During her audition, judges were shocked of her breathtaking performance on stage which brought her to the next level of the competition. Each of the judges wanted Laura to be part of their team because they know for a fact that she’s gonna make a big noise in the music industry. Laura chose the classic song I Will Always Love You which really suit the range of her voice.

Her parents were so proud of her and they can still remember when Laura showed interest in singing at an early age of three. She performs in old people’s home trying to put a smile on their faces. Laura’s mom showed and gave all the support that her child needed during the competition and Laura, including the judges, appreciate her undying support for her daughter. Check out the video below and hit the play button to hear an amazing voice from a little girl blessed with an extraordinary gift from above!

Laura Kamhuber – I will Always Love You (Whitney Houston) | The Voice Kids 2013
Laura Kamhuber – I will Always Love You (Whitney Houston) | The Voice Kids 2013

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