LifestyleDr. Travis Stork’s Story Of Losing Her Girl Left Audience In Tears

Dr. Travis Stork’s Story Of Losing Her Girl Left Audience In Tears

Losing somebody you love, somebody close to your heart will cause heartbreak and pain. Death is an unexpected event in our lives and it knocks any time of the day. The feeling of being separated to somebody that you’ve been with for a long time is truly sorrowful. We may be able to cope up after losing the person, but memories will still come back and we will surely miss those things that we do together with them.

Dr. Travis Stork is an ER Physician as well as a co-host on a famous hit show “The Doctors”. In one of their episodes, Travis was interviewed regarding what he is currently facing. Unexpectedly, Travis burst in tears while he was telling the story about his dear pet dog named Nala. They’ve been together for long years and shared memorable memories but now he’s facing his great fear of losing his beloved pet. Although Travis already knew Nala’s health condition, he still aims of having Nala back and getting well from illness. Nala was struggling with her health and signs show that she will not live longer as Travis expect.

The same day after this episode was filmed, Nala’s body gave up to her condition. She was so weak and restless that she couldn’t live any longer. Nala died and tears were running down the doctor’s face as he reminisces their happy memories together. For all those years that they’ve been together, Travis was already attached to Nala and he couldn’t imagine life without her. Everything comes to an end, it may be painful but we need to accept that nothing in this world is permanent. God gives and He also takes away in His own time.

Dr. Travis Shares His Love for His Beloved Dog Nala
ER physician Dr. Travis Stork tears up looking back on his beloved dog Nala and opens up about her health struggles. Just after taping this episode, his amazing dog passed away. Rest in peace, sweet Nala.

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