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Dre & Leah Singing Their Heart Out In Perfect Duet Worship “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever”

God is good and faithful in spite of the challenges that we encounter every day. We may struggle in life but one thing is for sure, God will not allow the darkness to rule the lives of His creation. Worship could be in different forms. You can pray to the Lord wherever you want and you will surely be heard for God is omnipresent. Sing your heart out in praises and the angels of the Lord will be singing with you. Help other people and show the act of kindness in order for other people to see the face of Christ in you. Let the Lord our God use you as an instrument of faith that many will believe in His mighty name.

Dre and Leah are husband and wife were raised in the church and have developed a sincere heart of worship through music. Leah plays a vital role in the music ministry at the church of her father serving as a worship leader and a choir director. Dre, on the other hand, moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he met his true love, Leah. They both shared something unique and special as a duo. Their mission is to share Christ with others and bring glory to God.

God’s goodness is overflowing and we are truly blessed for He has chosen us as His children. Sing of His love forever and mercy will follow all the days of your life. Over the mountains and the seas let your testimony be heard among men that they may find God in their hearts. Listen to the song over and over and let Dre and Leah inspire you through their unique God-given talents!

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