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Ex-Teen Witch Saved by Jesus Warns of the Supernatural Side Effects of Witchcraft

Sarah Sumpolec, a former teenage witch, is warning Christians about the seductive pull of witchcraft in America today. With social media glorifying and portraying witchcraft as a fun and attractive lifestyle, it is rare to find any talk about the demonic agenda in the Church today.

Raised in a family that was largely a-religious, Sumpolec’s dad introduced her to witchcraft at a young age, claiming that she had powers and a destiny within her. As a teenager, without any identity in Christ, she found this powerful and was pulled into the world of witchcraft.

Living in a house with a parent practicing witchcraft opened the doors to the demonic realm, with demons and spirits manifesting around her. Those who practice New Age and witchcraft falsely believe in a neutral middle ground, where one kingdom is present. However, according to Sumpolec, there is no neutral power. “You are either plugged into Jesus or plugged into something else,” she warns.

Sumpolec hit rock bottom just before leaving for college when she attempted to take her own life. While driving on back roads, she intended to commit suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning. However, she blacked out and found herself on the ground outside her car, leading her to believe that she was rescued by an angel. This led her to resolve to stick it out and attend college.

During her freshman year, Sumpolec roomed with two Christian girls who carried their Bibles around, didn’t swear or smoke, and drank little to no alcohol. She was intrigued by their peace and security and began to eavesdrop on their Bible studies, leading her to a life-changing encounter with God.

She started reading the Bible and was discipled by another believer, where she saw the parallels between the world of witchcraft and the truth of God. She describes how Satan takes the truth of God and twists it while masquerading as an angel of light. Her transformative encounter with God was so powerful that she went on the Tyra Banks show as the only ex-witch speaking out against the practice.

Sumpolec emphasizes the need for the Church to be open and honest about the dangers of witchcraft facing the young generation. She believes that a large portion of Jesus’ ministry was about delivering people from demons and talking about the realities of hell. She points out that biblical illiteracy is a problem in America today and that people must know the truth to recognize when the enemy is lying.

She warns that social media is a strong reinforcement of New Age and witchcraft principles, where many people talk about “manifesting” something in their life. Sumpolec believes that this idea of manifesting is witchcraft and that it is based on the notion that individuals have the power to create something or make something happen. Witchcraft is the sin of rebellion and promotes the belief that you don’t need God because you can get power for yourself because you deserve it.

Sumpolec concludes by emphasizing that the Bible warns of the deception that will occur in the End Times, and that we must arm ourselves with the Word of God to protect ourselves from the demonic realm. She reminds us that we have authority over the power of the enemy, and we must recognize that we have an actual enemy who wants to destroy us and keep us from God’s plan for us.

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