Former Atheist, Lee Strobel, Proves Through Historical Facts Jesus’ Resurrection!

“Some people have a rush of emotion. At that moment, I didn’t. You know what I had? I had the rush of reason..” says Lee Strobel a former atheist but now a follower of Jesus after proving through reasons that Jesus really resurrected from the dead.

Lee Strobel, being a former investigative journalist, believes that everything should be based on facts and pieces of evidence. He used to be an atheist who smirks in the idea of God and even in the idea of Jesus dying on the cross and literally resurrecting from the dead. After his wife’s conversion to Christianity, Strobel spent 2 years analyzing historical data with the goal of debunking Jesus’ resurrection. But what he found shocked him and changed his life forever.

He found four major reasons that prove Jesus’ death and resurrection. First, there’s no dispute among scholars that Jesus was dead after being crucified, that even renowned atheist and medical journals thought that Jesus death is “historically indisputable”. Secondly, he also pointed out the early reports of Jesus’ resurrection which makes it impossible to be a legend. Thirdly, the tomb of Jesus that even his enemies attested to be empty. And lastly, the ancient sources both inside and outside the New Testament confirm and corroborate the conviction of the disciples that they encountered the resurrected Christ. The lives that the disciples lived is a confirmation that indeed Jesus resurrected.

“Friends, I spent 2 years investigating these evidence and I came down to one day when I reviewed it all and I thought, ‘You know what, based on the historical data, my verdict is that Jesus not only claimed to be the Son of God. He backed up that claim by returning from the dead.'”

This “avalanche of historical data” led this man who believes in reason to believe in something that he thought was unreasonable. Strobel became a follower of Jesus and a child of God. His life is a testimony that Jesus is not just a historical figure but He is indeed our Savior who resurrected from the dead.

“Some people have a rush of emotion. At that moment, I didn’t. You know what I had? I had the rush of reason because the Resurrection of Jesus is not some April Fool’s Day joke, it is a historical reality based not on mythology or make-believe or wishful thinking, but a solid foundation of historical truth.”