From 660 Pounds To A Beautiful Lady: Young Woman Picks Up Healthy Lifestyle Habits And Transforms Her Body Completely

Everybody loves food, who doesn’t? But some people doesn’t have discipline with themselves and abused their intake of food that they became unhealthy because of it.

Amber Rachdi, a 23-year-old young lady has an unhealthy relationship with food. She weight 660-lbs and was so overweight that she had infections between her folds of fats. She couldn’t do much physical activities, she can’t even leave the house without using her scooter. Not to mention that her intimate relationship with her boyfriend, Rudy is affected because of her weight and it saddens them both.

Amber decided to make a drastic change in her life that is why she joined a reality fitness show entitled, “My 600-lbs life“. The said show focuses on helping overweight contestants into living a healthy life and bringing their obesity under control.

Just a year later, from 660-lbs, Amber managed to lost 189 pounds! It wasn’t an easy journey. She did insane workouts and stick to her diet. She had a lot of extra skin that her doctor decided to do a skin removal for her.

A lot of people are wondering what she will do once the cameras are turned off. They are thinking that because Amber has an addiction with food, she will instantly go back to cheating herself and eat whatever she likes. But that is not the case, Amber is committed to her new fitness regime and eating schedule. She worked her way out to being the bombshell she is today. And it clearly shows from her uploaded photos on her Instagram that she is more healthy and happy with her new body.

Isn’t it amazing how Amber’s determination to changing her life around made her the healthy woman she is today? Thankfully her friends and family are there to support and help her. Share this amazing story of Amber to let people know that if she can do it, everyone else can. Nothing is impossible if you just believe in yourself.

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