Garbage Truck Worker Hailed As ‘Guardian Angel’ Saves Child From Getting Run Over By A Car

The incident happened in Brazil on August 28, a sanitation worker’s quick thinking saved a boy from being run over by a vehicle.

According to local news, the grandfather accidentally left the gate of their home open. The boy, Lucas, had gone outside after his grandfather.

Video shows Lucas stepped out of the gate and waited for a garbage truck to pass so that he could cross the street.

After the garbage truck stopped midway, Lucas walked towards the other side, but he was unable to see a vehicle approaching from the right side of the street.

The sanitation worker noticed Lucas and pulled the child aside, just in time, and he was prevented from being run over.

“He saved the boy’s life. And saved the other driver from a lifetime of regret! It wouldn’t have been the driver’s fault, but the guilt would still be there. The man is an absolute hero,” a comment reads.

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