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Girl Burst With Tears During Graduation After Seeing the Guest Speaker, Everyone Was Curious What Happened To Her

Education is the key to success for most people. When we’re still attending school, we always dream of graduating so that our parents would be proud of us. This is one of the most awaited moments in life where our hearts are full of joy and everyone is celebrating our success. This single step serves as a stepping stone for us to have the opportunity to be a successful person in the future. We are totally blinded of what the future brings but trusting God will surely make our life easier.

It was Florida Seniors graduation where everyone is wearing their gowns with matching mortarboard caps. They were all facing the stage inside the auditorium waiting for the guest speaker to step in. A smile on every faces is visible not until the speaker stepped into the stage. Things went differently to one of the students named Miranda. She couldn’t stop her emotions and burst in tears when she saw the guest speaker. Her fellow graduates were curious about what is happening to her. They couldn’t figure out why Miranda was sobbing during that time.

The guest speaker stood in front of the podium and started announcing. Miranda suddenly bolted in front of the stage and of the guest speaker. She was shocked when she saw his brother Derek and she could not explain the feelings that she has that very moment. Her brother Derek is an airman who has been deployed overseas and he surprised his sister of what he did. This is truly a very special day to Miranda because she was not expecting her brother to attend her graduation, what is crazier is that Derek is the guest speaker of that very memorable day.

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