LifestyleGirls Gracefully Interpreted “Hallelujah” Through Graceful Dance Steps, A Must Watch!

Girls Gracefully Interpreted “Hallelujah” Through Graceful Dance Steps, A Must Watch!

Dancing has been part of every country’s culture ever since. It is defined as the movement of the body rhythmically joining the music. Dancing is the hidden language of the soul. It is in various forms just like the song has different genres. Nobody cares if you can’t dance well, as long as you freely express your feelings through dancing, it makes you feel good. There’s a lot of people who are well entertained while watching somebody doing the moves. Dancing makes us feel good and fills our heart with joy. This special skill is also a God-given talent that we should be proud and thankful.

Whangarei Academy of Dance and Performing Arts is Northland’s only dance school with over 40 years of experience. They teach different types of dancing from beginners to professional level. They develop the self-esteem and progress of their dancer in order to showcase a great performance each time they dance. They are well disciplined in order to have a strong fitness level and to be easier for them to reach their future goal.

The girls gracefully and perfectly danced to Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah where they received admiration from the audience. The steps were perfect as it goes with the sweet music that could touch one’s soul. The girls have shown collective talents and they did not disappoint! They must be very lucky to have those feet dancing in rhythm and blessed by God. Check out the video below and you will surely be amazed!

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