God is Moving: Oppressive Taliban Gov’t Seen as Ripe Soil for Church Growth in Afghanistan

In an interview, Joel Richardson of the with Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM) said, “As Job says, in the book of Job he says, ‘When a man is in a heap on the ground, he stretches out his hand to God,’ so it’s in the midst of the desperation that souls are hungry, and so it’s a moment of opportunity.

Richardson was referring to the oppression that Chritians in Afghanistan are to face following the establishment of the new Taliban government. He cited Iran as an example of growth for the love and passion for Christ despite the many trials including persecution from ISIS. 

He further noted, “Seven years after the ISIS blitzkrieg, there’s a revival in northern Syria…the establishment of Islamic government provides ripe soil for the Church to grow.”

Despite fear, the people in Afghanistan chose to love out their Christian faith. They are still pushing forward and are finding joy in the midst of all the trials.

An Afghan Christian testified: “There is pain and joy right now. God hasn’t left. There is no need to fear what the Taliban is doing, yes, bad things may happen to us, but God will do something and glorify his name.”

According to Richardson, there may be more trials in the coming days. But the Christians in Afghanistan are ready and have submitted to the will of God. They understand that there is a huge chance that they will be martyred for their faith, but they are pushing forward regardless of this fact.

While there may be weeping for us on Earth, our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ knows all the tears we shed. This is why he reminds us that we are blessed when we mourn, he, himself, will comfort us. If we are persecuted, Jesus tells us to rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

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