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Granddaughter Shocked When Opened Transparent Plastic Bulb That Grandma Bought–You Would Never Imagine It!

The world is full of surprises and it sometimes shows in a very funny way. As the spirit of Christmas is felt by everybody, we keep ourselves busy buying kinds of stuff for the holiday season. We go to malls and stores back and forth and the first thing in our mind is to set up our Christmas tree because that is where our presents will be placed. We buy colorful lights and decorations to assemble it and make sure it would be pleasing to our eyes.

Grandma bought Christmas decorations at Dunnes shopping store and while roaming around all corners, she got attracted by a purple glittering ball. She decided to pick some of it to add it up on her Christmas tree. She felt excited to make it beautiful and she seemed to be very happy as her granddaughter Alex would be helping her to finish decorating. So she rushed home and they started to put on the Christmas balls.

Alex was curious about the sparkly purple balls and she tried to wiggle the plastic bulbs as it doesn’t look like just an ordinary ball. Alex used her index finger to remove what was inside the bulb. It was not just an ordinary ornament and she was shocked by what happened after seeing the inside. It was a purple underwear that left Alex giggling. Things at the store could have been mixed up because a lot of people visits the store to look for something!

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