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Group Of Men Gathered In Small Room Produced Perfect Blend Of Voices Giving Listeners Goosebumps

We are all instinctually born with natural talents that we should be proud of. We can be less talented in some ways but we can be multi-talented in some aspects of life. We may not figure out the best skill that we have right now, but we just need to seek and find it in our hearts. Time will come that we will be surprised at the precious gift that God has given us. It could be something that we didn’t expect to acquire, but we were born with an innate talent that everyone should witness. The moment that we discover such talent, we need to put it into action as the word of the Lord says in 1 Peter 4:10, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms”.

A dozen young men stood in a hallway with a very small space trying to showcase their God-given talent. The man standing in front started to sing and what followed him absolutely showed the best of them. Echoes are producing a perfect blend while they’re singing in a tiny space. The song that they were uttering was the Sound of Silence where various harmonies can be heard all over the place. The song was originally written by Paul Simon in the late ‘60s but their rendition is breathtaking! This is a one of a kind performance and I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard this before!

The Acapella group of these young men are blessed with a unique talent that only a few people has. They gave life to an old song because of their harmonious singing and perfect blending. I was amazed when I listened to it so I would encourage everyone to take time and watch the video below to see how talented these young men are! God is awesome in giving us precious gifts that we need to discover and nurture as we tackle our life journey.

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