Heart-warming Scene: Police Officers Praying for People Before Handing Out Meals!

Fear of Authority paralyzes people. Those who fear authority oftentimes react to police presence very nervously. Good deeds cannot be performed in a very tense atmosphere full of jittery nerves. Recently, the police had been doing their best to reach out to marginalized groups through prayer and food. So, when cops come to any group of people bringing the love of God and offer helping hands then the whole ballgame is changed. The response of their constituents is welcome instead of flight. The target group opens up to them and listens to what they say.

Homeless people fear the police. The police has all the authority to punish them or relocate them at any time. Trust is not something that the homeless would easily give to the people in uniform. The only thing that can connect these 2 extreme groups is the love of God. Finally, the police and the homeless can come together on the basis of God’s love. His Love breaks down the walls of animosity bringing everyone as one humanity in need of each other. Our salute goes to the police people who have responded to the call of building up people. Everyone is best by your deeds. Watch the video and join hands in lifting up the needy.

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