High school football coach cancels practice, sends players to shovel snow for elderly neighbors instead

In the face of an impending winter storm in western Pennsylvania, a high school football coach made a decision to cancel practice and instead instructed his team to perform an act of kindness.

Bethel Park High School coach, Brian DeLallo, encouraged his players to “find an elderly or disabled neighbor and shovel their driveway” rather than lift weights in the weight room.

DeLallo said that this act of kindness was a tradition that predated him, as the previous football coach had instilled the value of performing good deeds in his players. The team quickly got to work after more than six inches of snow fell in Bethel Park, and by the end of the day, they had cleared dozens of driveways in their community.

Junior and team captain, Gavin Moul, said that some residents even refused their offer because they weren’t accepting any form of payment. One resident, 83-year-old Danny Varhola, was grateful to have the young men of Bethel Park High School shovel his driveway, and commented on how great they were.

DeLallo and Moul both expressed their satisfaction and pride in the team’s act of kindness. DeLallo said that it was a chance to connect with the community and become a better team, and Moul added that he believed it helped not only the residents but also the team members themselves to become better people.