LifestyleHillsong's First Movie Song “Heaven Knows” for The Film "The Shack"

Hillsong’s First Movie Song “Heaven Knows” for The Film “The Shack”

God knows what’s inside of your heart and He knows everything about you. Only God sees the hearts of every human being as written in His scriptures in 1 Kings 8:39. He sees when you’re weary and He fills your heart with joy. At times we manage to hide what we feel to people around us, but surely someone up there can see it. He also knows when your heart is fully committed to Him.

The Shack is a 2017 American Christian drama directed by Stuart Hazeldine where a child suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his drunken father. There is an implication that the 13-year-old boy has thought about poisoning his father due to their situation. His heart was full of anger as he witnessed his mother being abused too. He was trying to overcome frustration and rage at a very young age. God used strangers to help him to understand his life from a much higher perspective.

Hillsong United wrote a song “Heaven Knows” for the soundtrack of the movie. According to the singer Joel Houston, it was an exciting project because this is the first time that they were requested to write a song for a movie soundtrack.

Watch the video below and listen to the song as you realize God’s plan in your life!

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