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Homeless Guy Sings For His Love, Judges Were Amazed With His Superb Performance!

Love is the answer to a world full of chaos. Everything started with the love of God that He sent His only begotten son to save us from our sins. The love that was executed by the Father is what we called sacrificial love. It was unconditional that in spite of the people who are still sinning over and over again, yet He forgives.

Hollywood Anderson is a young guy from New York who has a unique God-given talent through singing. He has a strong personality and a great voice which he used in auditioning to American Idol. Hollywood is a homeless guy and has been sleeping on trains with his guitar. During his audition, Hollywood amazed the judges with his unique style of singing where he dedicated his song to his best friend that he secretly admires.

Being homeless did not hinder him to strive hard in reaching his dreams. His love served as an inspiration for him to keep going. He owned his story and wrote a song to inspire people. His love kept the fire burning in his heart and let the world know that your status in life doesn’t define one’s happiness. You may possess everything in this world yet you’re still unhappy and unsatisfied.

Love conquers all! The love of God is the only answer to our disappointments. If you have the love of Jesus in your hearts, truly you will survive whatever situation life may bring. Jesus is the answer to all circumstances. Believe in Him and you will be in good hands for He will give you hope and a good future.

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