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How Is The Pains Became The Bless For Him To Believe In Jesus, Listen to Atticus Shaffer !

“As Christians, we’ve been called upon to be the lights in the world, and I think it’s important for us to go into the secular world,” says Atticus Shaffer while talking about his challenges as a Christian who works in the secular.

Atticus Shaffer is known as Brick Heck in the comedy sitcom ‘The Middle.’ He made people laugh for nine years with his unique character and as he says goodbye to all of Brick Heck’s fans, he also opened up how the diagnosis of his genetic disorder known as osteogenesis imperfecta helped him in his spiritual journey.

“I do know pain…and it helped me to be more empathetic and to be more compassionate. And really, you get placed in situations in which you have to depend on God,” Atticus said.”And that actually is what led me to my decision to say ‘I have to pick my side. I have to know the Lord. I have to really know the Lord.'”

Though being born in a Christian family, Atticus decided to follow Jesus when he was already 15 years old. Her mom, being a Christian, didn’t force the gospel on Atticus but instead, she let him have the opportunity to grow and learn in his faith.

 “I need to know the Lord. I need to know where I stand.” This was Atticus desire when he was 15 years old as he suffered from the pain brought about by his sickness, and so he decided to follow Jesus and was baptized in the Christian faith.

Being a Christian in the secular is not easy. However,  Atticus believes that as a Christian, he is called to be the light of this world and being in the secular is a great opportunity to let his light shine.

“I’ve never been one to Bible thump…but I do know there is a difference between right and wrong,” he said. “After I became a Christian and started standing up for my beliefs. a lot of the other crew who weren’t open about their faith started to speak up and talk about it too. So we all came together and supported each other.”

Atticus started taking a stand and that caused all the other Christians in their crew to start speaking up. They eventually built a community of believers who prayed and encouraged one another. He was able to overcome every challenge in the secular because of this community that he was in.

The pains of his broken bones led him to stand and depend on God. It’s amazing how God let us experience pain for us to all the more draw close to Him. Atticus’  story is beautiful and it’s amazing how he continually stands to share that story.

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