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How to Pray and Always Get Results?

How to Pray and Always Get Results by Shane Wall – Secrets to Supernatural Prayer

We know we need to pray to God, but if we’d be honest, we don’t always feel like praying. We may even question why we should even pray. We all want to receive answers to prayer, just how Jesus received positive answers to His prayer when He would pray to God. He had the Holy Spirit help Him to pray, and we have the precious Holy Spirit to help us pray as well!

Shane Wall declares that, of course we know that because we are Christians, and we belong to God, we realize that we’re supposed to pray. A lot of people believe that prayer is a hardened task that we’ve been commanded to bear, instead of a loving way to enjoy a relationship with our all-knowing Father.

Shane Wall gives supernatural secrets to prayer. Many times we pray, asking God for what we want, and we just hope that we see what we asked for. Whenever we go to God, the first thing that we need to do is to have it in our hearts and minds that God is our Father, and He knows what we need.

One of the major secrets, and one of the top secrets to always getting results in prayer and seeking God’s power active in our lives is knowing that He knows what is best for us. Not only do we need to trust that He knows what is best for us. We also need to inquire and ask God what He desires to do to resolve our situations, every situation.

Too often we get discouraged and don’t desire to pray, but then we hear of those who pray for hours on end, and we wonder how in the world they can do so. Relationship is the key. How do we see ourselves in relation to God? Try this. Instead of viewing our relation to God as Creator to creature, we should begin, or further develop a loving closeness with Him, as Father to child, with all the affections that come with knowing Him that way.

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