I Can Only Imagine-Wonderful Christian Music!

Our heart can perceive our final restoration to Jesus and heaven yet, our mind cannot fully comprehend its’ essence and grandeur. Bart Millard’s “I can only Imagine”, aptly describes what every faithful believer know will happen in the sweet by and by.

Here on earth when a miracle occurs we are astounded. We ask ourselves ‘how could it be?’ We see the beauty of the miracle but our minds are boggled because it goes against the norm. Bart saw the amazing turnaround of his abusive father when he became a Christian. He felt the healing balm on his inner wounds and broken heart. His rage towards his dad melted away in the face of forgiveness. He saw his shattered self mended so lovingly by God. This experience made him to come to know that when he is finally reunited with The Father then it would be a moment beyond anything.

Indeed, that time is beyond the finiteness of our minds such that only our imagination could have a glimpse of what it would be like. Our actions and words in that coming together would be unpredictable. That reunion would be more than wonderful, more than glorious, more than spectacular and more than grand. That homecoming would be of complete immeasurable joy to the creator and created! Watch the video below and try to imagine….

I Can Only Imagine | BYU Noteworthy

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