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I Saw Jesus Twice in One Night, When He Showed Me The End I Just Cried

God gave me a dream where I was confronted by Jesus ONCE in a form where I did not recognize Him and again at the end where I did know it was Him. When I saw Jesus at the end, I could barely breath, all I could do was cry, and this is what GOD SHOWED me in all of this.

Visions from God and dreams from God are not CRAZY, they are promised in the WORD OF GOD where Joel prophesied that in the last days the young men would see visions and the old men would dream dreams.

The REVELATION the Lord was communicating through this dream where Jesus appeared twice in one night has been growing in my heart over the years since this dream from God happened and it is ALL confirmed in scripture. The COMMANDMENT of God is that we BELIEVE in His Son Jesus Christ and love HIM by being obedient to HIS command which is that we LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

If you have ever wondered how you can know if you are going to heaven or not this testimony of the encounter I had with Jesus and the message God was speaking through this dream will help you. The scriptures and the dream from the Holy Spirit work together to ASSURE us of what GOD’s true expectations are, how HIS YOKE IS EASY and HIS BURDEN IS LIGHT, and the calling we have in Christ Jesus is to BELIEVE IN HIS NAME, to LOVE HIM and to love one another whole heartedly.

This remarkable dream from God and the testimony about seeing Jesus will BLESS YOU if you can put down your presuppositions and make A RIGHT JUDGEMENT, testing the spirits and using the WORD of GOD as a standard and lens.

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