Ike’s Surprise On His 33rd Birthday Stunned His Girlfriend, Sweetest Surprise Ever!

A time comes that we experience sorrow and hardships in life. These difficulties are designed to make us stronger and be equipped in facing greater battles in life. As we tackle the pathway of life, always remember that every time we fall God is watching and He has prepared something that could give us hope.

It was Ike’s 33rd birthday when he decided to give a sweet surprise to his girlfriend. Ike was on a deep trouble when he lost his wife because of cancer. He had a hard time coming up and trying to move on from too much pain. He was left with three kids and he doesn’t know what to do. Desieray Gibson was always there for him as his prayer partner and devotion companion. During that time Ike knew the only thing that he needs is a miracle. Desieray stood by his darkest time and this friendship developed into a much serious relationship.

They were happily singing as they celebrate Ike’s 33rd birthday party when he asked his girlfriend if she can marry him. Disarray was shocked because she didn’t see it coming. She thought that the party should be focused on the celebrant but instead, she was the one who was more surprised. Check out the video below and witness Ike’s proposal to desirably, this is the sweetest surprise I’ve ever seen!

Real Talk with Mike Steele
For Ike’s 33rd Birthday he decided to surprise his girlfriend by asking her to spend the rest of her life with him. She was so busy putting his birthday party together, she had no idea he planned…

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