Innocent Man Sent to Prison by Corrupt Cop Swears Revenge But Jesus Has Other Plans for Him

Forgiving someone who did you wrong may be one of the hardest things to do. Can you imagine what if a person took away three years from your life by sending you to prison despite your innocence? Can you still forgive that man?

This may be hard, but Jameel “Zuki” McGee has learned how to forgive and embrace the man who wrongfully manipulated the justice system and imputed to him crimes he did not commit; thus he went to prison for three long years, missing so much from his son’s life.

According to GodReports, Jameel was bent on taking vengeance against Officer Andrew Collins, the corrupt cop who fabricated stories just to convict him for drug charges.

“I made a goal for myself in prison to harm the officer whenever I got out,” Jameel said. However, this did not happen because God found a way to ease the pain that he was feeling.

While in prison, Jameel became a father, Collins found Jesus and Jameel also started to read the Bible. Because of this, Jameel learned to forgive Collins, while Collins repented and asked for forgiveness from Jameel.

They saw each other one day when both were in the park with their sons and instead of berating Collins, Jameel showed forgiveness. Collins also took it as an opportunity to sincerely ask for an apology.

Both Jameel and Collins had a rough life when they were young. The pain and hatred, which piled in their hearts over the years until they reached adulthood, were finally released. It was by the grace of God that they found forgiveness in their hearts and have learned to ask forgiveness as well.

Indeed, the story of forgiveness and healing of Jameel and Collins proves that the grace and the love of God will always overcome evil for as long as we allow God’s love to reign in our hearts.

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