LifestyleJeanne Robertson's Friendly Advice: "Don't Ask a Man to Clean the Carpet!'

Jeanne Robertson’s Friendly Advice: “Don’t Ask a Man to Clean the Carpet!’

This will surely brighten up your day! Watch as Jeanne Robertson tells the story of why you shouldn’t ask a man to clean the carpet! This will surely make you laugh out loud.

Jeanne Robertson is an American humorist, speaker, and teacher.  She’s an amazing storyteller and is known for her humorous stories that happen real life. She has the eyes that see the humor in every situation and her stories will surely paint a colorful picture in your head.

In this particular video, Jean Robertson tells the story of what happened when he asked her husband, Left Brain, to clean the carpet.

After 47 years of speaking, nobody has ever come to visit their home, so after delivering 25 speeches for a big tour, Jeanne told everyone that she was able to get to know during the tour that if they were to ever find themselves in her area of North Carolina, they are welcome to stay at their home.

After 2 weeks of saying that, she got a call from a man named Dave Popplewell who told her that he will be coming over to North Carolina with her wife, Pat Popplewell, and they are going to take her offer of hospitality. That’s when Jean and her husband started to make everything perfect for their visitors’ stay. They started cleaning the house and put everything into place. Everything was set before Jean went out to deliver a speech. Before going, she told her husband 2 things: not to touch the hand towels with their initials in the bathroom and to clean the carpet.

So that’s what Left Brain did! But Jean never imagined what will happen if she asks a man to clean those carpet! Listen to how she hilariously tells the story of what happens when she comes home and what happens to the Popplewell’s visit. After hearing her story you will never consider asking a man to clean the carpet! Her words brought things to life and this will surely leave you with nothing but good vibes!

“I want them to laugh just as long, just as hard, and enjoy me just as much,” —Jean Robertson

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