Kelly Clarkson Breaks Down into Tears During ‘Go Rest High on That Mountain’

Honoring a dear friend who passed away, Kelly Clarkson became overwhelmed with emotion while singing Vince Gill‘s iconic “Go Rest High On That Mountain”dedicated to him.

“We want to dedicate it as well,” Clarkson said before her performance. “One of my guitar players, Aven, over here…unfortunately his uncle, who was like a second father to him, his name was Timmy Banks, I hope I don’t cry! That’s the goal. He passed away unfortunately…Anyway he was a good friend of mine, and he was a good friend of his, so we’re going to dedicate this song to him.”

Gill wrote “Go Rest High On That Mountain” in 1995 following the death of his brother. The powerful song went on to earn him two Grammy Awards for Best Male Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song.