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Kids At Southland Christian Church Tells Story Of Christmas In Such A Funny Way

Christmas has a lot of version from different groups of people based on their belief. But commonly, the Christmas story that we know is the version written in the Bible which Christians believe. The story that Jesus was born is one of the most interesting stories that kids love to listen to and we are already familiar to it at our very young age. The story had been passed to many generations before and after Christ age. Since Christmas is fast approaching, this story will stay fresh in our memory as we see different plays performed in different places.

Kids from Southland Christian Church were taken a documentary video where they were retelling the Christmas story based on their awareness, and what they had learned at church and from their elders. It was so funny that they couldn’t pronounce some words like Bethlehem, and some things were confusing to them given the fact that they’re at a very young age. But what was surprising was that they knew most parts of the story and they seemed to be learning Sunday School lessons.

The Holy Word of God clearly tells us the greatest story that one should hear. It is the most magical event as it is the day that Jesus was born into the world, the first day of His mission saving us from our sins. He was not born in an easy way, not even in a hospital. This shows that Jesus is willing to sacrifice everything for the love of men. Don’t miss out the video below as you will surely find yourself giggling while awesome actors playing different roles in this magical story, the birth of Jesus!

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