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Woman Leaves Everyone In Awe After Singing “Break Every Chain” In The Voice

The moment we determine what we want in life we always make sure we do it the best way that we can. We find inspiration from our family and loved ones to express our passion for doing something that we love. We were born with God-given talents, some are blessed with the gift of singing while some are good at dancing. Whatever it is that you love to do should be nurtured and used in the right way with accordance to God’s plan.

Kymberli Joye is known to be one of the best performers of The Voice 2018. Her passion for singing started at an early age and now she’s trying to reap what she sows. Kymberli is a 26-year-old singer that was born in Windsor, Connecticut. She tried joining a lot of singing competitions showing her talent in music and one of the best performance that she had is during her time to break in The Voice 2018. Kymberli did not disappoint and judges were satisfied with her performance. She is truly one of a kind and her passion for singing will surely take her on the pedestal.

The judges of The Voice were left in awe and felt inspired when Kymberli sang a heart melting song “Break Every Chain”. The song delivers a great message of how God sacrificed His Son Jesus to break our chains and set us free from the bondage of sin. Jesus died on the cross of Calvary to save us from our sins and He accepted all the pain that was supposed to be for all of us. Watch the video below and be inspired as Kymberli Joye shows off her God-given talent.

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