Lifestyle'You Say' - Lauren Daigle Official Video (Wonderful Christian Music)

‘You Say’ – Lauren Daigle Official Video (Wonderful Christian Music)

Most of the time we feel very confused about the things that surround us. We are almost blinded with dark things that we tend to feel weak as a whole being. The world is full of chaos and a lot of things tries to ruin the foundation of our faith in God. We hear a lot of voices anywhere we go and we become impulsive without thinking that these are all tests towards our faith in God.

Lauren Daigle is an American Christian singer and songwriter who is known to be the woman who released the highest-charting Christian album after several years. Her songs are truly inspirational as it talks about her faith and experience in serving the Lord. “You Say” is one of her lead single from her studio album “Look up Child” which topped the Billboard chart. She released an official music video that will surely touch the hearts of her fans.

The song talks about God talking to each and every one of us, reminding us that He alone is the director of our lives. God is talking to us every second, every minute and every hour telling us about His plan in our lives. Take time to listen to His sweet voice and claim His promise that He will never leave our side. If you haven’t heard about Lauren Daigle’s heart melting song, we made it easy for you! We uploaded a video below that will surely bless your life and ease all your troubles!

Lauren Daigle – You Say (Official Music Video)
The official music video for Lauren Daigle’s new single “You Say” from her album, Look Up Child, out now! Stream You Say here : Purchase Look Up Child here: Purchase tickets to the Look Up Child Tour here: Enter to WIN two Look Up Child Tour tickets for her fall shows here: Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE: – Director: John Gray Producers: Lauren Daigle, Joshua Wurzelbacher & Alicia St.

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