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Lip Sync Challenge Accepted by this Police Officer and His K9: Lip Sync of ‘I Can Only Imagine’ Has Gone Viral

This police chief’s lip sync challenge video has gone viral! Alabama Police Chief Jason Hepler’s lip-sync video which features his K9 buddy, Fox, has reached 14 million views since it was posted in Facebook page last July 8.

Lip sync challenge videos from different police departments are across social media. You’ve probably watched a video or two or even more of these men in uniform singing along their favorite tune. But this particular video has gotten so much attention as this police officer, together with his K9, Fox, sang along with the MercyMe’s hit song ‘I Can Only Imagine’.

Kudos to others who put so much fun and efforts into their production. But this video from Police Chief Hepler is unlike any other. With no fancy production, just pouring out his heart in worship, lip-synching along this song that speaks so much hope, together with no one but his buddy. This is enough to make this video viral!

This police officer reminds us how to worship out hearts out! Watch as he falls on his knees, lifting up his hands, worshiping in the tune of this song that will surely touch your hearts!

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