Little Boy Said Angels Helped Him Lift The Car to Rescue Father

God works in ways that we do not see. He always makes sure that He got your back in times of distress. God knows when is the perfect time to send His angels to rescue you. As children of God, we are always protected by His divine power.

J.T. Parker was with his dad Stephen and his brother Mason when an unexpected tragedy happened to them. They were trying to fix their car and had some maintenance at their home in Idaho when Stephen slipped underneath and started moving the axels. Mason accidentally cut his hand so he went inside to tend the wound. When Stephen tried to take off the second axel, the car fell right on top of him.

The car was so heavy that Stephen is struggling to breathe. J.T. was thinking of saving his dad but how could a young little boy jack the car back up? He tried to jump up and down on the jack but at first, nothing happened. His energy wasn’t enough to lift the car but he knew at that time all he wanted to do is to help his father. Eventually, the car started to rise up slowly and J.T. called his brother for help. His mom, Jodi pulled into the driveway right after and she was in tears when she saw what happened to her husband.

Everyone was trying to ask J.T. how he did such a thing. Jodi said the entire thing was a miracle because it could not be possible for a young boy to have enough strength to lift the car but J.T. said it was the angels that helped him during that time. Truly God sends His angel to rescue us because, with Him, nothing is impossible!

9-Year-Old Boy Recalls Moment He Jacked Up Car To Save Trapped Dad

If you ask 8-year-old J.T. Parker to jack up a car he can’t do it. But somehow he managed one frightening day when his dad Stephen got stuck underneath the Toyota Prius while doing some maintenance work in the backyard of his home.

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