Little Girl Can’t Hold Back Her Tears When Foster Parents Announced News, “Today’s Your Day!”

We don’t easily get contented of what we have in life. We often neglect the things that we have and try to ask for some other things without thinking of some people who struggle in their everyday living. We don’t see the value of God’s goodness because we are focused on earthly pleasures. But have you ever thought of some people who are worried about what to eat every day? And here we are worrying for more complicated things without even thanking God for the air that we breathe.

Shailee is a cute little girl who always dreamed of having an own family that will take care of her and let her feel like their own. She’s living with her foster parents together with her foster brother. She always waits for the day that her foster parents would legally adopt her for this is what they promised Shailee. It was one fine day when her foster parents picked her up at the school like the usual thing that they do. Shailee was already comfortable sitting in the car when she asked her mom about their destination for the day. Her mom immediately responded without any hesitation, “Today we will be going to the trial court so that we can legally adopt you. Today is your day!”. Shailee was shocked because although she was already aware of her being adopted she just couldn’t think that her most awaited day has come and her dream is about to come to reality.

Shailee was overwhelmed with too much joy filled in her heart. Tears are starting to fall from her eyes, those were tears of happiness that nothing can replace. Click play on the video below and feel the joy that Shailee felt that day! Her prayer has been answered because of her faith. Trust in the Lord and He will give the desires of your heart.

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