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Little Girl With Alopecia Felt Bad On Her Birthday, Stranger Did Something Heart Moving

We all wanted to make friends as many as we can have. People who will understand our heartaches and somebody to whom we can share our secrets. Man cannot live alone, each one of us dreams of having a buddy or companion to whom we can share both laughter and tears. Even kids want to have a lot of friends that they can play with. But there are times that we may feel that we are being ignored by society. It could be because of how you look, act or it could also be because of your status in life. We need to admit the fact that there are people who set their standards when it comes to making friends.

Alexis Barnes is a little girl who grew up from Spring, Texas. She may feel lucky because of the great love of her parents to her but on the other hand, she may also feel that she’s different among some other kids around the town. Alexis suffers from Alopecia or hair loss. Despite her condition, she still tried to make friends with some other kids in school. In fact, she invited 17 of her friends for her upcoming 6th birthday. During her special day, Alexis felt sad and disappointed because nobody showed up and this cost her a heartache. Her mom also felt bad that nobody cared about her daughter’s birthday party so out of her frustration, she shared her story in social media.

A stranger named Charlie Diggs who is a father of two read the story of Alexis and he felt pity towards the little girl. He suddenly felt the urge of reaching out and doing something special for Alexis. Charlie talked to an owner of a restaurant to celebrate a birthday bash at no cost just to make Alexis happy. Luckily the owner has a good heart and totally agreed to Charlie’s plan. A lot of people attended the surprise party for Alexis and all of them were strangers. Alexis enjoyed her birthday party and she made more than 1,000 friends during that special day. Watch the video below and check out Alexis’ reaction upon meeting the strangers.

Texas girl gets birthday do-over after no one shows for party
A little girl from Spring, Texas, got a birthday do-over just one week after no one showed up for her party. Almost a thousand people showed up and sang and cheered for the 6-year-old. Drew Karedes from CBS’ Houston affiliate KHOU has the story.

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