Lynsi Snyder Shares Testimony Of How God Changed Her Life – Inspiring Story!

We all have our own inspiring story that serves as a great testimony to our fellow Christians and even to unbelievers. Something that will surely move their heart and let them feel how lucky they are to be children of God. There comes a time that we lose all the hope in the world and feel like everyone has condemned us. A feeling of desperation and sorrow knocks in our door and we feel like everyone has neglected us including God.

Lynsi Snyder is the owner and the President of a known company named In-N-Out Burger. Many would say she’s lucky enough to have a comfortable life getting everything that she needs but many of us doesn’t know her story. Lynsi is just like other people who also experienced struggles in life. When she was a little girl, her life was almost perfect as she is surrounded by people who made her feel she was loved and taken cared of. She grew up having a tight relationship with his dad who is a very funny man who always wants to make people laugh. Her dad has spoiled her a lot and when she was 6 years old, she already spent much of her time seeing her dad at the hospital. At first, she thought her dad only stays there until finally, her mom told her that it was a rehabilitation center that is taking care of her father.

Lynsi’s dad got addicted to drugs and he spent the rest of his life at the rehab to get well. But things didn’t go as Lynsi wanted it to be. When her dad died, Lynsi’s world was shattered and she couldn’t imagine life without her father. When she became an adult she got married but it didn’t work out. She had 3 failed marriages and she also got into drug and alcohol addiction which ruined her whole life. Not until she met Jesus. Lynsi had hope and she renewed her strength through God’s mercy and healing power. Everything has changed the day that she accepted Jesus in her life. This testimony only proves that no matter how sinful you are if you ask forgiveness in the name of Jesus, He is merciful to forgive you and give another chance for you to fix your life by turning away from your sins.

Lynsi Snyder – White Chair Film – I Am Second®
Watch more stories at: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: “After my dad died, my world shattered. I longed for attention, something to fill the huge void.” At only 18 Lynsi found herself overwhelmed with emptiness in the wake of her father’s untimely death.

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