Male Prostitute Gets Saved By Jesus After Drug Dealer Threatens To Murder Him

My name is Michael Thornton and I grew up in a Christian home. When I turned 15, my life started to change. I started hanging out with some guys who introduced me to drugs. The peer pressure led me to try marijuana. It led to me to try other drugs like ecstasy, crystal meth, prescription pills, everything you could think of.

Eventually, I ended up becoming addicted to crack cocaine. I was truly lost. My life became fuelled by doing drugs, drinking and partying. I joined the military in order to change my life. I wanted to rebuild my life. When my orders came out, I was stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina, my home town. Instead of escaping,  was stationed right where all the temptations were coming from.

Eventually, I reconnected with my old contacts and instead of getting sober, I started dealing drugs to my colleagues in the military. I used the money to get my own supply. I was constantly high again and I made myself a little drug ring in the military.

One night, a surprise urinalysis revealed my addiction. My superiors told me that I had so much cocaine in my system that I should be clinically dead. They took me into a mental asylum because they thought I was suicidal.

Even after getting caught, I didn’t stop. After I got out, I ordered my usual stash and when I was about to pick it up, the DEA raided the crack house. I was caught in a drug raid wearing my Marine uniform. My superiors helped me get out of jail but kicked me out of the military.

I became homeless and I got so wrapped up in drugs that I sold everything just to get high. I had to sell myself. I became a prostitute on the streets and engaged in homosexuality. That was how bad the addiction was. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop.

I thought if I could rob my drug dealer, I could get out of town and start over. Before I could escape, the guy woke up and called me saying that I had an hour to return the money or I was dead. I ended up calling my mom. She didn’t believe me at first. Then, my dad agreed to pay the drug dealer off if I agreed to get help.

He took me to Potter’s Wheel and as I was on my way to church, something happened to me. I began to remember all my sins, all my guilt and shame. I began to cry. It was in that moment that I turned to God and asked him to save me.

I felt for the first time that I wasn’t alone. I surrendered my heart to Jesus and his love filled my heart. It transformed me. Jesus changed my life, he can change yours.

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