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Man In Green Jacket Interrupted Teenage Girl Playing Piano In Public, What He Did Next Surprised The Crowd

Music gives a calming effect to our soul and listening to music gives a relaxing vibe to people. We all have our own favorite genre which matches our personality. It may differ when it comes to the beat, but the intention of being in love with music is just the same. People who were born talented when it comes to music are really grateful because most of them has earned a good reputation and a high paying career. Use your talent in a wise way but first use it to glorify God who gave you such talent.

A teenage girl saw a piano in a public place at a shopping center. Nobody was using it so she decided to stop for a while and practice her piano skills. When suddenly a man in the green jacket interrupted her and wanted her to leave her spot. The girl was kinda irritated of his rude action so she decided to stand up. When the man started to move his fingers, a perky sound was heard all over the place. The passersby started to clap their hands as well as the teenage girl. Everyone seems to enjoy the music that comes out of the piano.

The man in the green jacket was known to be Terry Miles who is a piano teacher. He has a unique style of playing the piano and he teaches Boogie Woogie Piano. Another man joined them and the 3 created an amazing melody where people loved and enjoyed. They brought positive vibes to the environment and it was an awesome performance. Watch the video below and witness how talented these guys are in music. This is a one of a kind talent that God has bestowed unto them.

Teenage Girl Rocks The Public Piano. Dudes Gather To Watch
This is the moment when a young girl was joined at the public piano by a passing dude and then a builder guy on the way home from work. Boogie Woogie Magic Commences.

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