LifestyleMan Without Limbs Encouraging Listeners To Make Jesus Proud Through Inspiring Video

Man Without Limbs Encouraging Listeners To Make Jesus Proud Through Inspiring Video

We always wanted a comfortable life where everything can be done easily without having a stressful environment. Some are lucky enough to experience a good life where they easily get everything that they want while for some, every day is a great battle that they need to win in order for them to survive. Thank God for the life that He gave you and for not giving you any physical disability. Imagine people who suffer from disabilities in life and struggle every day just to feed themselves. It may be hard for them to tackle the path but rest assured God has a reason why He made them with a defect. Do not lose hope because God is always there to rescue us in times of our needs and He will never ever forsake His children.Nick Vujicic is a man who was born without limbs. He is an Australian Christian evangelist and a famous motivational speaker. You may wonder where he gets the power to continue living life to the fullest despite his situation. How can a man born without limbs be so inspired about life? The answer is Jesus! Jesus supplies Nick’s inspiration to continue to fight his great battle and he offered his life to be used by God in empowering others. He always wanted Jesus to be proud of him despite his disability and he doesn’t stop sharing God’s message to others.

We prepared a video below where Nick shares the gospel about making Jesus proud of you. It is not just by serving Him and going to church every Sunday. As a disciple of Christ, you need to be a fisher of men. The Bible always tells us to share the Word of God to unbelievers that they may also know how powerful God is. We are accountable for our brother’s and sister’s life. Make Jesus proud by reaching out to others and telling them how big God’s love and how powerful He is. Introduce Jesus to them that they may receive Him as their personal Lord and Savior. Start today and make Jesus proud!

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