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Michael Sleggs’ Heart Condition Has Miraculously Improved!

On Friday evening, May 22, thinking he might be dying from his serious heart condition, actor Michael Sleggs, 33, posted a goodbye message on Facebook.

News agencies reported that the BBC Three comedy series, “The Country,” actor was dying of cancer. But those were inaccurate reports. The truth is that Michael Sleggs was sent home on palliative care for his rapidly deteriorating heart problems. However, two days later, his condition improved greatly.

Sleggs, a professing Christian, does not seem to be phased by his medical condition, and wrote in a Facebook post on May 22—when he thought he would die—explaining why:

“Well, initially I was, but, as always in a time of crisis (should have been way before I’m ashamed to say) I turned to God and my Christian faith. Been reading the Bible daily, listening to Christian songs and sermons and its [sic] changed my entire mindset to nothing but peace and gratitude… If you dont [sic] know Jesus already, my only hope is that you get to know him before you get to my state. He’ll totally rock your world in the best way!”

Sleggs demonstrates an unwavering Christian faith and joy in the face of his grave illness that can be an example to many. We can glorify God and rejoice in his improvement and offer our prayers for his recovery.

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