Miracle Man Died And Found Alive The Next Day, Doctors Were Surprised Upon Talking To Him

The Bible has shown a lot of miracles that Jesus did. Things that are unexplainable wherein an ordinary person is unable to exhibit. Jesus has shown great things not just in the stories that we have read but in our own personal experience. He has risen the dead and feed thousands of people with 2 fish and 5 loaves. The blind was given back his sight and the waters separated in the sea. These are just example of miracles that Jesus did as we have read in His Holy Scripture. Death is something that everyone is scared of. We are too attached to our loved ones that we cannot imagine the feeling of being separated to them.

Scott Mar was found unresponsive in his bed the day after his 61st birthday. He was rushed to the hospital and was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit because of his worst condition. His children were full of sorrow especially when the doctors told them that their dad is already near brain dead situation. He was lying on the hospital bed with life support attached and the doctors declared that there’s the last chance that he would still survive. After all the tests, they decided to detach the life support apparatus and all of his family members were already grieving for his lost. They certainly know that removing it would mean goodbye from their precious father.

The next day after he was declared dead, Scott’s family received a phone call from the hospital. It was a call that they never thought would change their lives and make their faith even stronger. The doctors were surprised when they saw Scott waking up and coming back to life. A series of test were done and not a single sign of illness was found on the results. Everyone couldn’t believe what happened and from that day on, everyone called Scott the “Miracle Man”.

‘Miracle Man’ Wakes Up After Family Removes Him From Life Support | NBC Nightly News
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