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Mom Picked Up Child At Daycare Was Shocked by Sign That Teacher Posted Outside

Parents have a greater responsibility when it comes to their children. Most parents work to earn for a living which results in a limited time to take care of their kids. Parents want to make sure that they can provide everything that their children need. They work to earn money for the family and try to fix their schedule in order to have time to pick up their kids at school.

Juliana Farris Mazurkewicz was in a hurry to pick up her daughter from Hockley, Texas daycare center. She was surprised when she saw a note posted by the teacher at the daycare’s front window. The note was not about the behavior of their children but it is clearly addressed to the behavior of the parents being obviously noticed by the teacher. The sign teaches every parent to know the importance of giving time for their children. It’s telling the parents to drop their phone because their children have something more important to say about what happened at school the entire day. Juliana didn’t have any negative reaction when she read the note for she clearly understood what the teacher is trying to tell her as a parent. She took a picture of it and posted on the internet. The note became viral as many parents reacted and gave their opinion about what the note is trying to tell the parents.

We may be very busy most of the time and seldom has time to ask our kids what they’re going through. Time management is an important aspect that we need to develop in order to have a good relationship with our family. Always take time to have fun with our kids for they grow up real fast and we might miss the days that they were still younger and needs to be taken care of.

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