Mom Regret Giving Child Microphone Toy As Christmas Present, Funny Video Went Viral

Remember the days when you were still young and you look forward to receiving gifts during Christmas. We love receiving toys as a Christmas present and every time we receive something that is wrapped with colorful papers, we are so excited and we can’t wait for tomorrow to open it. Kids appreciate every single gift that they receive during the Christmas holiday. They don’t care about the price as they give value to what their loved ones give them.

Lena is a cute little girl who is just like some other kids who love toys. This Christmas, her mom surprised her with a microphone toy as a gift. Lena was happy and she started playing with the microphone toy until she started to annoy her mom. She looks for her mom all over the place and she’s using the microphone to call her mom’s attention. Her voice is echoing and it can be heard in all the rooms of the house. Her mom regrets giving this kind of toy to Lena as her kid is trying to terrorize her.

Lena was so adorable and when her parents heard her voice over the microphone, they thought of taking a video footage as they were giggling in too much fun. Lena’s video went viral as many people viewed and find it funny. This Christmas season, make sure to choose the appropriate gift for your kids. Find something that they would love to have and at the same time, something that you will not regret giving them. Watch the video and see how adorable this cute little Lena is!

Most Regrettable Christmas Gift
Lena plays with a present the parents regret giving.

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